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Welder automation is the simplest way to reduce production costs, improving your profit margin. Production efficiencies and process improvements can be obtained when any repetitive welding task is performed by a machine. The benefits of automation extend beyond simply improving speed; automation also improves consistency, which reduces rework and improves quality. All of these benefits (improved  production cost, improved quality, reduced rework, and streamlined processes) equates to greater customer satisfaction; the foundation of all successful businesses.

Arc Welders can create customized automation built around your current production processes and existing equipment. Contact us to discuss your production needs.


Semi-Automation Case Study

In this case, the customer needed a control box designed to control two systems with fixed MIG units that weld a cylinder in two spots simultaneously. This cut production time in half and made cleaner, straighter beads down the cylinder. By adding to existing equipment, Arc Welders created an economical package that dramatically improved production time and quality.